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Browse the many architecturally inspired and highly functional Bay Area Garage Door Repair’s commercial sectional doors. Commercial, industrial, agricultural, and loading dock doors are all available here, so you can find the one that is best suited to your structure.

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It can be frustrating when your commercial doors stop working properly. In certain cases, a faulty door can also be dangerous and cause a number of other collateral problems. We have two areas of expertise, installing doors and commercial door repairs.

All of our workers and technicians are qualified and certified professionals trained to perform commercial garage door repairs. Our technicians can help repair garage doors of all major brands. Let our technicians know what factors are most important for your garage door repair. Our repair team can recommend affordable and productive alternatives in case a replacement is required.

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Commercial Garage Doors – FAQ

Keyless entry commercial garage doors were once considered a thing of the future, now they are the present. There are many different keyless entry systems you can choose from. There are key-fob, card-based, biometric, and app-based keyless entry systems. All of these systems have their benefits and drawbacks. For example, a biometric keyless entry system provides increased security but it may not be very convenient if the number of users are frequently changing. Determine what factors are important to maintain security to find the right keyless entry solution for your business.

An accident can occur at any time with any kind of commercial garage door. It could be a cracked window, broken panels, or faulty cables. That does not mean that you have to replace the entire garage door. Our emergency commercial garage door repairs can replace the faulty part to save you money on a garage door replacement.

Sometimes commercial garage door openers that work perfectly fine during the summer do not work at all during the winter. There is a possibility that rollers can get stiff due to the winter conditions. A solution to the problem is to lubricate rollers. There will be a screw on the motor which controls sensitivity of the opener. Adjust this screw so that the door works in winter conditions. If you are still having issues, please call our commercial garage doors experts!

A commercial overhead door can weigh up to 400 pounds or more in some cases. There are overhead spring mechanisms which hold the door in its position. These springs experience a lot of daily wear-and-tear and may not be in perfect working condition. The weight of an overhead commercial garage door could prove fatal if it falls on a person.

Regardless of your skills and experience you cannot replicate the safety standards of a qualified and certified expert. A certified expert ensures that there is a minimum risk of an accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports numerous accidents related to doors on a daily basis.

It is an indication that there is dirt stuck in the door, if your commercial roll up doors are screeching, grinding, squealing, or making loud noises. A good solution is to clean the entire tracks without using harsh chemicals. Do not use WD-40 on the tracks. If you are still having issues, please call our commercial garage doors experts!

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