Commercial Roll Up Doors

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Commercial Roll Up Doors – We Fix, Replace, & Install All Types

Commercial roll up doors are meant to optimize the accessibility of your business facility or garage. If you are encountering a repair or replacement problem with your commercial roll up doors, Supreme Garage Door can help you out. We are a full-service garage door company that specializes in same-day repair and installation of all types of roll up doors.


Commercial Roll Up Doors Service

Commercial roll up doors offer many benefits for your business space. However, a damaged or malfunctioning commercial roll up door can hinder your day-to-day operations and compromise the safety and security of your facility. It’s essential to hire a company that is responsive to your emergency needs for pro roll up doors repair and installation. Supreme Garage Door is proud to be the best garage access solutions provider in TX. We are one of the highest-rated and reviewed garage door companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Our skilled technicians are available to help with your roll up doors repairs and installation. We offer top-of-the-line roll up doors for commercial spaces, including warehouses, service stations, auto dealerships, and more. If you are looking for customized services for your roll up doors commercial needs, look no further! You have come to the right place!  


Roll Up Doors Commercial – Add Security to Your Facility

Roll up doors commercial are a popular option for many businesses – and for all the right reasons too. They are simple to use, and in most cases, they can be operated easily with a remote. Commercial roll up doors are generally more affordable than alternative access doors. They come in a variety of styles and designs that make them compatible with specialized facilities that require insulated or fire-resistant doors. Our association with all major brands allows us to bring you the full range of high-performance roll up door commercial units that can meet your facility requirements.


Roll Up Doors for Commercial Garages – Leave the Repairs to Us

Roll up doors for commercial garages are designed to withstand rough use. However, it’s common for roll up doors to get dented or damaged by commercial warehouse machinery and heavy-duty vehicles moving in and out of the garage. When the need for repairing roll up doors arises, trust Supreme Garage Door to get the job done. From spoiled door sheets and broken sections to over-turned door springs, misaligned garage drum, improper header placement, and more, we are skilled in fixing all problems related to roll up doors for commercial spaces.


Reasons to Choose Us!

High quality Products

Experienced and Professional Technicians

Competitive Pricing

Fast and Reliable Services

Highly Rated Company

Available throughout the entire process

Warranties on All Products

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Commercial Roll Up Door – Service You Can Count On

Being one of the best garage door companies in TX, we are wholly dedicated to maximizing the utility of your facility with our unique solutions. When it comes to commercial roll up door repair or installation, you are basically looking for a sturdy and robust entryway and exit system that will help keep your business safe at all times. We service all kinds of roll up doors while being mindful of your facility’s security. Whether it’s steel, aluminum, fiber, or any other type of commercial roll up door, we ensure it’s working smoothly and efficiently, thereby minimizing the risk of break-ins and potential hazards for your workers.


Better Than the Best!

There is a reason why Supreme Garage Door is a recognized name among business owners in more than 35 cities across Texas. We provide quality services and reliable solutions for garage access and are highly responsive to our clients’ needs. We are an authorized dealer of many big brands of pro roll up doors. This enables us to provide completely customized solutions for the installation of roll up doors for every setting. We have a deep end-to-end understanding of different business facilities, which makes us the ideal stop for pro commercial roll up doors installation and maintenance.  


Commercial Roll Up Doors Maintenance Service – The #1 in Texas!

Serving the industry for many years successfully now, Supreme Garage Door has set the standard for roll up doors repair and replacement in TX. We take great pride in providing the finest parts and best customer service that outperforms your expectations. To see how we can help you with your roll up doors repair or installation, get in touch with us now.

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Commercial Roll Up Doors – FAQ

Ideally, you need 12” headroom for installing roll up doors. This is the required minimum clearance, so you can have more but not less than 12” of headspace. The head clearance must be measured accurately from the header opening to the ceiling or any other vertical encumbrance, such as ledges or fur downs. Note that some doors can require a minimum clearance of 16”, so it’s better to consult a professional door installer.


The cost of roll up doors commercial units depends on a number of factors such as the door dimensions and material. If you are worried about the total cost of installing a new folding door, there’s no need to worry as we can help you find the best roll up doors that fit within your budget.


Every facility has different needs. Our garage door professionals can evaluate your site’s requirements and provide expert advice on which type is best suited to the place. We offer an array of overhead, sectional, scissor, and roll up doors for commercial facilities. So, rest assured you can find what you are looking for, be it commercial roll up doors or some other access system.


As an all-inclusive garage door service company, you can count on us to find you a high-performance automatic roll up door. We really mean it when we say we the one-stop solution for all your commercial roll up doors related issues.


Yes! You can call us for commercial garage door installation services. We are offering all makes and models for commercial garages.


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