Garage Door Sensor

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Garage Door Sensor – Secure Your Garage With The Right Sensor

The garage door sensor has several sensitivity adjustments and animal protection.  There are low, medium and high values to select from the door sensor. The range of the sensors is approximately 10 m. If the door or gate of the entrance to the garage has a backlash, then it is impractical to install a door sensor. Supreme Garage Door experts will give you the necessary advice and guide you through the entire process.


Garage Door Sensor Service

The door sensor is designed to recognize a shock, turn, door opening at a short distance from the base unit of a car or home alarm. The sensor is able to recognize not only the removal of the magnet from the base, similar to a reed switch, but also fix turns, shocks, inclinations with an independent second response zone.

Your door may need professional analysis to diagnose a problem. In case your door does not function well despite all the door sensor repair, then it’s time for a door sensor replacement. At Supreme Garage Door, we do everything, from standard to customized door sensor installations. Pro garage door sensors are customized to match the opening and come in a variety of colors to enhance the curb appeal. Talk to a product specialist and get your free quote online today.

Garage Door Sensor Repairs – 24/7/365 Support

Any gate is a rather complex system that needs scheduled preventive maintenance. Intensive operation, mechanical stress, as well as the influence of the environment can negatively affect the operation of the automation, the door sensor, wicket and other elements of the gate system.

In order not to require constant door sensor repairs, you should follow a few simple rules that will significantly increase the service life of the equipment:

When the garage door sensor repairs and automation are required, the help of qualified specialists is indispensable. Diagnostics, prevention and reconstruction of gate systems of various configurations are one of the priority activities of the Supreme Garage Door group.

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Today, door sensor installation is one of the most affordable options for protecting your home, summer cottage, apartment, cottage and other premises. In order for intruders not to get inside through a window, entrance or emergency door, or balcony, a special door sensor is needed. With the help of it, the security alarm system of a particular room is completed. 

Magnetic contact door sensor installation is needed to notify the owner of the premises about unauthorized entry by unauthorized persons. And for a better understanding of the topic, in this section we want to talk about the principle of operation of such a device: The door opener alarm is a completely simple to install, affordable and well-proven detector. 

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Garage Door Replacement Sensor – Trustworthy Products at Stake

There are many reasons that interfere with the operation of the gate in everyday life. But it should be noted that they are unique for everyone. Frequent breakdowns of garage door sensor are various deformations of the garage door, as well as guides. Sometimes there is a cable bite that may require a door replacement sensor to be sought. Often the repair of sliding gates happens due to a malfunction of the rollers, or skewed guides or a breakdown of electric drives.  But in the process of long use, the door sensor gets malfunctional or get damaged beyond repair. This is where a garage door replacement sensor comes in. Automatic gates are considered the most difficult and common in repair work. There are a number of subtleties, as well as features of the device. Often it may be necessary to repair the board or gearbox, sensor or photocells.


Pro Garage Door Sensor – A Worthy Product

The operation of the pro door sensor is based on the presence of a continuous electrical signal in the security alarm chain. Closing / opening of network elements occurs – the garage door sensor is triggered. It reacts to direct access by third parties to a garage building, storage room, house, etc.

The standard of the device triggering threshold is based on the fact that when the door is opened, the distance between the elements of the magnetic detectors increases. In this case, a wireless signal is sent from the magnetic relays to the alarm control panel. The pro door sensor uses the basic operation principle making it easy to use.

Best Pro Door Sensor Features

Due to the low cost of the sensor, people are accustomed to using it for inclusion in security systems of objects. Those that do not represent a huge material value. For example, baths, sheds, warehouses. But reed switches are also suitable for the protection of critical objects.

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Garage Door Sensor – FAQ

Typically, the door sensor is attached to the blocking element. But for maximum blocking from opening doors and protection against sabotage, it is allowed to use two sensors for each blocked element. 


Door sensor repair, supporting mechanisms or automation requires an individual approach and professional diagnostics. However, a number of door sensor malfunctions can be distinguished, which most often disable equipment.


The radio channel door sensor warns of penetration through the radio signal supplied to the control panel. Radio channel door sensor installation can be done on all types of metal doors  (doors, roller shutters, etc.) 


Supreme Garage Door will repair any garage door sensor in Texas. Our employees are ready to perform any level of complexity. We are ready to help the right door replacement sensor, and we will solve problems associated with the design elements of the sensor, mechanical or automatic. And all this in the shortest possible time and with high quality.


Along with the installation of any type of automatic gate, it is important to remember about the further maintenance of the pro door sensor. Regular maintenance of this door sensor will provide your automatic gate with many years of trouble-free operation.


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